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Markdown should be readble without knowing Markdown

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On Gender Gap in Adolescent Mental Health

A recent study found that more gender-equal countries have larger gender gaps in mental health. I look at the data that seems to have yielded this counter-intuitive results and find it lacking.

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On Highlighting Syntax vs. Semantics

Takes a look at an alternate form of code highlighting based on core semantics instead of syntactic role.


Inktober - Stripes

“Stripes” - A bee wearing an incorrectly striped sweater For Inktober 52.


Inktober - Wild

“Wild” - Caught in the wild For Inktober 52.


Inktober - Decay

“Decay” - I was kind of going for tooth-decay caused by tiny little gremlins. For Inktober 52.


Quickly grab a snapshot of your reMarkable tablet

How to bind a hotkey to grab a snapshot of your reMarkable display and copy it to the clipboard on a Mac.

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Note-taking on a reMarkable 2

Sentiments after using the reMarkable 2 tablet for a month.

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Why 'Strong Opinions Weekly Held'

Previously on this blog I wrote a short note on Why Strong Opinions Weakly Held. I’m trying to get something out every week. Hence the new blog title.


Visualizing A Million People

If your feature pisses off a million people what does this angry mob look like? Spoiler: We only get to 750,000.