Asanka Herath

Code As UI: The UX of config-as-code and everything-as-code

Configuration-as-code has the same usability issues as everything else as code along with the same benefits.


Promise Fatigue

Setting low but realistic expectations is better than setting high but unrealistic ones.

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The Loss of a Virtuous Culture

Luck isn’t enough. You need a culture of virtue.

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The Lettergrade Rule

Don’t block a code review because of minor issues that are best left to the discretion of the author.


All natural numbers are interesting

A proof.

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Use Git hooks to automatically push after every commit

During before and after various Git operations, Git invokes special hooks that can be used execute custom scripts. This article explains how to use them to automatically push to an upstream repository every time you make a commit to a local repo.


DARPA's Heilmeier Catechism

A set of questions help you think through and evaluate proposed projects and research programs.


Markdown should be readble without knowing Markdown

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On Gender Gap in Adolescent Mental Health

A recent study found that more gender-equal countries have larger gender gaps in mental health. I look at the data that seems to have yielded this counter-intuitive results and find it lacking.

#Inclusion and Equity

On Highlighting Syntax vs. Semantics

Takes a look at an alternate form of code highlighting based on core semantics instead of syntactic role.