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The Loss of a Virtuous Culture

Luck isn’t enough. You need a culture of virtue.

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The Lettergrade Rule

Don’t block a code review because of minor issues that are best left to the discretion of the author.


DARPA's Heilmeier Catechism

A set of questions help you think through and evaluate proposed projects and research programs.


Markdown should be readble without knowing Markdown

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On Highlighting Syntax vs. Semantics

Takes a look at an alternate form of code highlighting based on core semantics instead of syntactic role.


On WontFixing Bugs

Large projects accumulate a large number of issue reports over time. This is normal. Typically for a “successful” project the rate of new issues being reported will exceed the rate of issues being fixed. Hence the growth.

But what are they to do about this ever-growing pile of bugs?


Visualizing Internet Users

What does 0.3%1 of internet users look like? As of this writing the global population hovers around 7.7 billion according to the World Population Clock 2. Screenshot from census.gov showing the world population clock. The International Telecommunications Union “estimates that at the end of 2019, 53.6 per cent of the global population, or 4.1 billion people, are using the internet.”3 Screenshot from itu.int showing historical internet usage numbers as a percentage of the world population So a 0.

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Names for Name Conventions

Names I’ve seen used to refer to naming conventions: snake_case, hacker_case, unix_hacker_style : Everything is lower case, though exceptions exist. E.g. HTTP_foo_bar. SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE : Usually reserved for macros and constants. camelCase : The first letter is lowercase. PascalCase : The first letter is uppercase. kabob-case : Like snake_case, but uses dashes instead of underscores. Common for command-line options1, CSS styles, commands (e.g. git-receive-pack). While looking idly looking for details on this, I stumbled on this Medium post which is relevant.