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Visualizing A Million People

If your feature pisses off a million people what does this angry mob look like? Spoiler: We only get to 750,000.

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On WontFixing Bugs

Large projects accumulate a large number of issue reports over time. This is normal. Typically for a “successful” project the rate of new issues being reported will exceed the rate of issues being fixed. Hence the growth.

But what are they to do about this ever-growing pile of bugs?

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How This Blog Works

How I put this site together and why.

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The Comcast Technician Problem

Given a set of tasks, incentives are often aligned towards dropping a task rather than allowing for perpetual accretion of delays.

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Easier CLI for ad-hoc Ansible tasks and playbooks

Encode the host and group names into the name of a wrapper script for quick ad-hoc invocation of Ansible tasks and playbooks.

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