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Use Git hooks to automatically push after every commit

During before and after various Git operations, Git invokes special hooks that can be used execute custom scripts. This article explains how to use them to automatically push to an upstream repository every time you make a commit to a local repo.


Markdown should be readble without knowing Markdown

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Quickly grab a snapshot of your reMarkable tablet

How to bind a hotkey to grab a snapshot of your reMarkable display and copy it to the clipboard on a Mac.

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Things You Can Do With Neovim and Vscode That You Can't Do With Neovim Alone

This is the third time I’ve tried in earnest to switch to VSCode from Vim (or Neovim in my case) for reasons not all of which are relevant to this post. But I love Vim style modal editing and I’ve grown accustomed to some features that aren’t present or not well emulated in VSCodeVim. Enter VSCode Neovim. I was intrigued by their claim to integrate Neovim instead of trying to emulate Vim.

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Vim: Use Drop Not Edit, SBuffer Not Buffer

I’m going to assume you are a Vim user. Say you have a several windows open in Vim and you want to edit another file. Using :edit works if you want to open the file in the current window unconditionally. But that’s often not what you want. If you have the same file open in another window, then the most efficient and least disruptive thing to do is to switch to that window.

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Easier CLI for ad-hoc Ansible tasks and playbooks

Encode the host and group names into the name of a wrapper script for quick ad-hoc invocation of Ansible tasks and playbooks.