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Secret Life of Systems

Lifecycles of software systems that solve real world problems can be broken down into distinct phases based on where it is with respect to the problem and the eventual solution.

This article presents a taxonomy of these phases that should help you understand how each part of the lifecycle fits together.

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All natural numbers are interesting

A proof.

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Visualizing A Million People

If your feature pisses off a million people what does this angry mob look like? Spoiler: We only get to 750,000.


Fart Limit

Can a fart be fatal? Let’s see what science and OSHA have to say.


Visualizing Internet Users

What does 0.3%1 of internet users look like? As of this writing the global population hovers around 7.7 billion according to the World Population Clock 2. Screenshot from census.gov showing the world population clock. The International Telecommunications Union “estimates that at the end of 2019, 53.6 per cent of the global population, or 4.1 billion people, are using the internet.”3 Screenshot from itu.int showing historical internet usage numbers as a percentage of the world population So a 0.

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Notes from Crash Course's Videos on Fact Checking Information You See On The Internet

Hank Green’s Crash Course YouTube channel has an excellent series about navigating digital information. It’s an excellent guide to how internet users could intelligently consume information they see on the internet. These are my (incomplete) notes from the series.